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How Cure SMA Increases Fundraising Revenue with a Reinvented Tech Stack

Hear how Cure SMA successfully implemented a new tech stack with integrated CRM, marketing automation, and digital fundraising solutions. Experts from both development and IT share why they decided to make such a significant change and their keys to success.

With goals to grow fundraising revenue by 35% over the next year, Cure SMA needed to invest in new solutions — focused on supporter engagement, retention, and data integrity for both individual giving and peer-to-peer programs. Amber Ewert Snyder, Senior Director of Database Management, and Jesse Aynes, Vice President of Development & Events, break down how they pulled off a full digital transformation in less than a year. 

After watching this on-demand webinar, you’ll be able to answer questions critical to evaluating tech solutions at your own organization, including:

  • What’s working for your organization, and what’s holding you back? Get the keys to evaluating your existing tech stack.
  • What resources do you need to be successful both during the evaluation process and the implementation of your new solutions? Think not just financially but how much manpower your transformation requires.
  • Who needs to be in the room? Break down silos between development, IT, and marketing teams for a successful implementation of new technology and ongoing partnership.
  • What are your must haves? Prioritize your team's needs and find the best solution for not just for today but for the future growth of your organization.

You'll also see how Cure SMA more than tripled their number of active fundraisers with a demo of DonorDrive’s digital fundraising solution. DonorDrive’s engagement engine drives supporters to take actions shown to raise more through built-in coaching for personalized pages, communication with donors, integration with social media, and innovative features like fundraising milestones and donation incentives.