About Us

Customer focused.

Since our founding in 1997, we’ve always been driven by a passion to innovate. From the start, we’ve built DonorDrive to be the premiere fundraising platform for great causesWe consistently listen to our customers and apply those learnings in the evolution of DonorDrive. We actively engage our community in ongoing feedback to ensure their voice is heard. We strive to understand not just what they're asking us for, but what they really need. This collective relationship is accelerating the desired results and touching as many lives as possible. Our customer focused culture ensures that we identify compelling new ideas and implement best practices across our platform. The end result is a progressive system that helps organizations better connect with their supporters, raise more money and achieve their missions.

We Give Back.

At DonorDrive, we don’t just believe in the platform we build, we believe in the causes that our platform supports. All of us have a history of fundraising, from being life-long, avid participants to running non-profits. You’ll find us helping with event setup, walking in events, and even performing as the top fundraising team. Our compassion for causes helps guide our passion for innovating on their behalf.