When it comes to security, we hold ourselves to a higher standard 

We "Give A Damn" about security

DonorDrive is committed to creating a best-in-class fundraising platform that all of our end users can trust for reliability and security. Our team takes security requirements very seriously and routinely go above and beyond the standards to protect your organization, constituents and data from bad actors. 

How we do it:

Industry-Leading Security & Protection

We've implemented secure cloud architecture with the highest-level of security, allowing us complete control over what comes into our infrastructure.

Unlimited Scale & Redundancy

Our back-up plans, have back-up plans. Our cloud-based architecture works with multi-availability zones, providing limitless scalability and fail-safes resulting into 99.9% performance uptime.

Never-Outsourced Philosophy

We don't hire outside firms to service DonorDrive. Our security-trained, in-house development team are the only members who can access the DonorDrive system and its data and significantly reduces vulnerabilities and risk of exposure by third parties.

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