Virtual Fundraising For The Enterprise Nonprofit

Go Live

Don't cancel, pivot to virtual.

With social distancing our long-term reality, virtual fundraising is no longer the future, it's now. Unlock the power of Live Fundraising™ and start seeing your community fundraise like never before!

Facebook Fundraisers

Fundraising pages can also be quickly linked to Facebook Fundraising for synchronized fundraising across the platforms. 

Express Donate™ - the fastest way to pay

Supporters can make one-time or recurring donations in less than 30 seconds through Express Donate, which offers the most mobile payment options, including Apple Pay, Venmo, PayPal, and Amazon Pay. 


Keep your supporters engaged and help them exceed their goals through configurable Achievement Badges, milestones, and incentives. Real-time activity and donation feeds keep fundraisers motivated and excite their audiences.

Streaming tools to level up their content

Give your fundraisers the flexibility to brand their live content with organization-approved branding tools, track donations in real-time through alerts and overlays, and customize their stream experience with DonorDrive APIs.

Build Donation Campaigns with Ease 

Launch beautiful, mobile-first donation pages to give donors a way to quickly complete one-time and recurring donations. This ready-to-go donation campaign takes minutes to set up and is easy to adapt to fit your evolving needs.

Communicate with Automation Like Never Before

The industry's only Fundraising Motivation Engine® helps you communicate automatically with your fundraisers and donors through email, SMS, and tweets. Target specific audiences with advanced filters so you’re talking to the right people at the right time.  

See Fundraising Results Immediately

Keep track of your streaming fundraisers and collect critical donor data right in your DonorDrive site. Donations received are deposited to your organization daily, and the industry's only Event Insights allows you to instantly see the impact of fundraising from various sources.

Experts are ready to help you build your virtual fundraising program

If your team needs a hand bringing your virtual events to life, DonorDrive's Partner Network is ready to make your vision a reality. With services to help your team recruit, communicate, plan, participant recruitment, virtual event planning, communications, event management, branding & promotion, and video production to make your first virtual event a success. 

Virtual Events Packages


The essentials you need to get started quickly with a comprehensive fundraising experience with virtual events & live streaming features.


Take your fundraising experience to the next level with customized elements and configurations.


Full access to all advanced configurations and dedicated staff to help you create a perfectly tailored fundraising experience. 

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