Give Donors the Choices They Deserve

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Make it simple for donors to give what they want, when they want

Flexible Payment Types

Donors can give with ease by credit card and eCheck, or in a single tap with Apple Pay, PayPal or Venmo. Making a donation has never been easier. 

Accelerate your donations with Express Donate™ 

DonorDrive's Express Donate™ is twice as fast as the standard donation process.  Donors can give without leaving the fundraising page, making it even easier for friends and family to donate.

Faster Donations That Are Fun

With Venmo, your supporters can donate, pay to register, and purchase tickets with this quick and convenient payment option. Behind every donor who pays with Venmo is a network of friends who can view, like, and comment on a shared purchase. Bring your nonprofit's brand front and center in their conversations.

Receive donations by eCheck

Donors can give by linking their bank account and can make one-time or recurring gifts. Your organization can save money on processing fees and have more reliable revenue.

Increase revenue with suggested giving options

Give donors the optimal experience with advanced donation options, including recurring giving, cover processing fees, & suggested donation amounts.

The power to give in the palm of your hand

Donors can search for an event, fundraiser, or team, make a donation, and download their receipt, all from their phone or tablet, creating an unrivaled experience for those on the go. 

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