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Team DonorDrive

Team DonorDrive

Nonprofits are always looking to find the “next big thing” in tech to help them engage and fundraise. It’s clear what it is: Streaming is dominating social media right now and is expected to grow at a fast pace. Streaming is outpacing the growth of other types of online video, with an expected market value of $70 Billion by 2020. Nearly a million people watch Twitch every day, more viewers than CNN or MSNBC. Nonprofits are discovering just how valuable streaming can be for their peer-to-peer fundraising efforts. Streamers have already raised $75 million for nonprofits through Twitch alone.

How does Live Fundraising™ from DonorDrive work?

Nik Stephens, DonorDrive’s Chief Technology Officer, notes: "Streamers can quickly connect their fundraising page to their stream and keep viewers engaged with our new, real-time activity feed. Donors feel safe knowing their money is going straight to the nonprofit since our fundraising pages are seamlessly branded and tightly integrated into the nonprofit's site." Your fundraisers can stream their fundraising activities in real time from a phone, tablet, or computer by connecting their streaming platform like Twitch, YouTube, or Mixer to a DonorDrive fundraising page. 

Live Fundraising™ provides a seamless, mission-branded experience no matter where it’s being viewed. Fundraisers can start raising funds immediately, quickly engage with their audience through their stream and our real-time Activity Feed. Supporters can give without missing a minute of the action with Express Donate™, and your organization receives funds right away. 

We’ve partnered with the leader in stream management, Streamlabs, to help your fundraisers make their streams even more successful. In the DonorDrive-exclusive “Charity Streaming” section, streamers can connect their fundraising pages to get real-time donation alerts on their streams. 

Nonprofits can customize this experience for streamers with branded fundraising pages, awarding Achievement Badges, sending custom notifications, and more. They also can track Live Fundraising™ results to help determine how it’s having the biggest impact.

Check out the video to see how Live Fundraising™ works.

Live Fundraising™ will make a big impact on your mission

Live Fundraising™ uses the event participant’s or DIY campaigner’s fundraising page for stream and fundraising activity. Here’s how the process works:

  1. Fundraisers connect their stream
  2. Donors can give quickly with Express Donate
  3. Fundraisers can thank donors in real-time

All this activity happens without leaving the fundraising page. Since the DonorDrive fundraising page is branded and controlled by the nonprofit, you receive the money daily in your bank account.  Nonprofits can see who’s streaming, on which channels, along with the dollar amounts raised.

Until now, charity streaming was a challenge for fundraisers, donors, and nonprofits. 

Fundraisers had to:

  • Find a reputable site to use to stream for charities
  • Hope that their money makes it to the charity of choice
  • Struggle to figure out how to use confusing fundraising software
  • Build trust that the fundraising is legit

Donors had to:

  • Visit a site without charity branding
  • Trust that their money makes it to the charity of choice
  • Wait to be thanked for their donation on stream & likely miss it

Nonprofits had to:

  • Scramble to figure out how to support streamers
  • Maintain a disparate system
  • Wait weeks to receive funds raised on their behalf
  • Hope viewers would find their website to connect to the cause

Why streamers are such successful fundraisers

Streaming first found a big audience with gamers, but the trend is now spreading to everyone. People are streaming their interests, hobbies, and passions. Streamers have built loyal communities of followers and have found that fundraising deepens the connection of the group and brings them all closer to the mission of the nonprofit.

Streamers raise more on average than those who don’t. A big part of that success is the “live” factor. Streaming audiences are more likely to feel excitement, immediacy, and connection. The streamers themselves are social influencers and their ask to give is accompanied by excitement and immediacy that intensifies the impulse to tap the donate button. The live outpouring of support for the fundraiser fuels that passion even more and the result is more donations and larger amounts. The heat of the moment is a powerful thing and can result in the same donor giving multiple times during a stream.

Streaming is a cost-effective way to increase engagement and drive more revenue for your cause, while keeping overhead low. Streaming is the perfect fit for any organization—and it has already started to take off. 

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