DonorDrive Streamlines Mobile Giving

Team DonorDrive

Team DonorDrive

Over the last 10 years, DonorDrive has focused on making online fundraising dramatically easier. We’ve been at the forefront of moving online donating away from the typing of card numbers and endless billing information that was once required in desktop donations. What we’ve moved it to is this: One-click giving by smartphone. This shift means more donations and more dollars for our nonprofit clients.

Technology heads towards easier donations with better security

In the past, filling out online donation forms was often frustrating on desktop and even more so on mobile. Technology specifically for nonprofits now allows us to abbreviate the donation process, while making it more secure for the donor:

  • DonorDrive client COPD Foundation was one of a handful of organizations selected to offer Donate by Apple Pay™ when the program launched last fall. This offers donating, registration fee payment and ticket purchases with a tap and a finger touch for DonorDrive clients.
  • DonorDrive has offered the convenience of donations by PayPal for many years and it accounts for substantial revenue for our clients. Now PayPal One Touch™ technology has reduced their already-streamlined transaction process down to a single tap without having to enter username and password.

Click or tap giving

These two transaction methods have made it possible to give securely through an organization’s branded fundraising pages in DonorDrive with simple touch technology. Essentially we’ve removed the frustrations from mobile giving and expect to see solid revenue growth for organizations fundraising with DonorDrive as a result.

Eye-opening stats on digital payments

  • 62% of smartphone users have made a purchase online using their mobile device in the last 6 months.
  • 32% of consumers use a digital wallet.
  • 57% of consumers use PayPal.
  • 25% of iPhone users use Apple Pay.
  • 75% of all mobile donation dollars in DonorDrive are made on an iPhone or iPad.

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