DonorDrive launches industry-leading integration with Facebook Fundraisers 

Team DonorDrive

Team DonorDrive

DonorDrive announced today their new integration with Facebook Fundraisers made to help nonprofits reach more donors and increase revenue. 

Facebook Fundraisers are one of the fastest ways for anyone to raise money for charities. On average, supporters raise more than $150 through their Facebook Fundraiser campaign. DonorDrive's new integration with Facebook Fundraisers is unparalleled in the industry by giving nonprofits a practical way to empower fundraisers, secure more revenue from Facebook, and understand the impact Facebook is having on their mission.

Nonprofits and fundraisers can connect, track, and communicate for campaigns in ways that were not possible before. Supporters can start fundraising through Facebook within minutes and their progress syncs in real time between DonorDrive and Facebook Fundraisers. Regular alerts and news feed updates to Facebook friends will help automate fundraising asks from supporters and free up some of the time it takes to fundraise. Additionally, nonprofit staff can view fundraising data from Facebook Fundraisers in DonorDrive's Event Insights.

DonorDrive is the only fundraising platform that connects fundraisers to the most popular and fastest growing social channels today with Facebook Fundraisers and Live Fundraising for charity streaming. With these cohesive and real-time engagement tools, supporters get a connected experience across all the ways they fundraise and nonprofits can increase revenue year over year as these channels grow.  

Beyond increased donation revenue, nonprofits will have better insights, communications and reporting with Facebook Fundraisers. Nonprofits can see the direct impact Facebook Fundraisers has on their events and campaigns. Allowing nonprofits to accurately measure and attribute donations received through Facebook. DonorDrive also gives nonprofits ways to communicate with Facebook participants using with automated alerts and text message notifications. 

DonorDrive clients who have already started using Facebook Fundraisers include Children's Miracle Network Hospitals, World Vision, American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and Covenant House. In a few weeks, the response and donation adoption has been remarkable. Shevion Lebrick, of Covenant House International said: 

If the initial reaction is any indication -- more than 40% of the funds raised since we enabled Facebook Fundraisers have come in through Facebook! -- our fundraisers are eager to use the new technology and we're thrilled to learn new ways we can increase our fundraising capacity.

DonorDrive is committed to building the future of fundraising. This integration is the latest in an ongoing partnership with Facebook. DonorDrive will continue enhancing this integration as Facebook Fundraisers evolve.

The Facebook Fundraisers integration is available to all DonorDrive clients at no additional cost. To learn more about Facebook Fundraisers by DonorDrive, visit

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