Streaming for Good webinar replay

Team DonorDrive

Team DonorDrive

Using live streams to fundraise is one of the fastest growing activities on social media right now. Over $80 million has been raised through the Twitch platform alone. What can it mean dollar-wise for your nonprofit? Our Live Fundraising stats from DonorDrive show that streamers raise 150% more than non-streamers.

Mike Kinney, Managing Director, Digital Fundraising at Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, and Matt Clark, Senior Account Manager at DonorDrive, just presented Streaming for Good, a webinar that’s a perfect introduction to fundraising through streaming. Here's what's covered in this hour-long webinar replay:

  • What is streaming? 
  • Why your organization should support streaming
  • How you can use streaming to fundraise
  • How your program can get started with streaming
  • What Live Fundraising in DonorDrive is
  • How nonprofits can support streamers

As an early adopter, Children's Miracle Network Hospitals probably has the most experience of any nonprofit at fundraising through streams. Watch this webinar to learn how to make fundraising through live streaming successful for your nonprofit. 


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