Proof that DIY doesn't cannibalize your events

Ed Lord

Ed Lord

Chief Strategy Officer

A common reason nonprofits are reluctant to start a DIY program is that they believe it will take participants away from their signature events. Finally, we have proof that it doesn’t.

In DonorDrive, we tracked event participants who did a DIY campaign and then came back to do the event again within two years. Here’s the good news:

46% of DIY participants came back to do the event again.

With national retention rates for walks and runs estimated at about 23%, twice as many DIY fundraisers came back to do the event again compared to the national event retention rate average.

Many of those who start a DIY campaign do so either to make up for missing an event or to contribute even more to your nonprofit. If you’ve been cautious about starting a DIY program, there’s no reason not to. Since the average DIY fundraising campaign brings in more than five times the dollars of an event participant, DIY can be a big generator of extra income.

If you’re looking to start a DIY program or jumpstart an existing one, check out our new eBook: The Complete Guide to Building a DIY Program.

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