Working With DonorDrive: Fundraising Data Innovation With Salesforce Integration

Kay Todd

Kay Todd

Product Marketing Manager

With the DonorDrive for Salesforce integration nonprofits can track all supporter data from relationships to engagement to giving history. Clients like National MS Society, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, National Alliance on Mental Illness, and The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Center fuel fundraising initiatives with key innovations.

We sat down with DonorDrive’s Enterprise Solutions Architect, Ben Clayton, to learn what working with DonorDrive and the Salesforce integration really means.

Why is the DonorDrive for Salesforce integration important for nonprofits?

The DonorDrive app integrates with Nonprofit Success Pack, which allows our clients to leverage Salesforce as their system of record. We've seen this as a critical piece for organizations to have that 360 degree view of their data to build deeper relationships with donors and fundraisers.

What kind of data syncs from DonorDrive to Salesforce?

When it comes to specific data they're syncing from DonorDrive to Salesforce, they're able to sync constituents, donations, events, teams, and participants — all of the objects you would expect from a peer-to-peer fundraising system to sync into a CRM. 

From a data mapping perspective, we can sync standard, out-of-the-box field mappings, but we also support the ability to sync custom information. If you need to capture specific information at the event level, that can flow through and be tagged to all of your donations. If you have specific soft crediting scenarios, or maybe you need to facilitate requirements for the accounting department, we have flexibility around how that data is fed into Salesforce to ensure we’re facilitating the business processes you have downstream.

What is a native integration?

DonorDrive has a native integration with Salesforce, which means data is synced directly between two systems. There's no middleware involved resulting in fewer points of failure. From a security compliance standpoint, there's no worry that the data has to get stuck in a system between the sync. And it allows us to troubleshoot and ensure that data is flowing in a timely manner between the two systems.

How does DonorDrive’s enhanced record matching work? 

We designed our app with a strong focus on data hygiene, because we know how important it is to you. We have multiple levels of validation to prevent duplicate records from being created and synced in Salesforce. We also leverage native matching and duplicate rules within Salesforce, so you're using our integration and already have rules set up within your system — there's no customization needed. They'll work out-of-the-box and immediately start matching on contacts and accounts based on the criteria you set up. 

Does DonorDrive have a bidirectional sync with Salesforce?

DonorDrive contacts that are updated in Salesforce will flow back into DonorDrive keeping both systems up to date with the latest information.

How does DonorDrive work with clients to customize each integration?

We don't simply hand you the tool and documentation. We work alongside you, as a partner, to really understand your use cases, and we make recommendations based on our expertise and our experience of doing dozens of implementations. We want to understand your business needs, so we can create the solution that best works for you. 

How do you continue to support clients after the implementation?

After the integration project has wrapped up, we continue to support the integration ongoing as long as you're using DonorDrive. If an issue comes up with the integration, or you want to add a new field mapping, we take a very consultative approach. We work directly with you and take a look at the health of the integration to make sure everything is running smoothly, and we also work alongside you to make those changes.

Does DonorDrive have a strong partnership with Salesforce?

This year, we were recognized as the 2022 Salesforce Nonprofit Product Partner of the Year, and that highlights the strength of our technology and our ability to help clients who are built on both DonorDrive and Salesforce to find success.

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