Leveling Up Charity Streaming on Twitch

Ben Clayton

Ben Clayton

Product Integration Developer

Content creators, especially the Twitch community, are critical to the development and design of DonorDrive's enterprise charity streaming solutions. Through DonorDrive's user research panel, content creators test feature prototypes and provide their direct input. Participants complete specific tasks and discuss their experience along the way to share insight into which features are most impactful. This feedback loop improves the tools being built for charity streaming and ultimately helps the DonorDrive team better understand what is important to the Twitch community.

The research results regarding Twitch Extensions for charity streaming identified two key focus areas. Content creators want a straightforward fundraising solution empowering them to focus on streaming to raise awareness and drive donations for their cause. Nonprofits want a superior giving experience that assures donors their money is going directly to the charity. Using community feedback, DonorDrive has created a uniquely branded experience for each charity's Twitch extension. These extensions strengthen the partnership between the content creator and charity, while providing a quick and transparent fundraising process for donors.

Fundraising tools like Twitch extensions are making a huge impact for charities.

The Extra Life platform (powered by DonorDrive) has been built by community members constantly testing new features, providing feedback – and in some cases – leveraging our APIs to create their own custom tools. With new streaming tools on the way soon, I can’t even imagine all the fundraising shenanigans that will take place on Twitch this Game Day coming up on Nov. 2!  It’s incredibly humbling to look back on the last decade and see just how much good the gaming community has done #ForTheKids treated at Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Day in and day out our Twitch fam and friends at DonorDrive have been stepping up to make sure every child who enters one of our hospitals feels like they have an army of supporters behind them. 
 – Mike Kinney, Managing Director; Extra Life & Digital Fundraising

Extra Life unites thousands of players around the world to host fundraising and gaming marathons in support of local Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. Extra Life's Charity Fundraising Twitch Extension can be installed here.

Stack Up has chosen to work with DonorDrive due to their hands-on responsiveness to our fundraising mission. Fundraising often requires us to be agile and having a partner that can keep up with our pace is essential. The back end reporting and the user interface is also simple and easy to use, allowing us to support our fundraisers quickly and gives us access to all the data we need to analyze our effectiveness. – Brian Snyder, Stack Up Director of Communications

I enjoy using DonorDrive for charity streams. They really make it easy to use and operate as a streamer.  With the addition of the new Twitch Extension, the ease of use to Twitch streamers will be expanded upon yet again. We look forward to going into the Veterans Day fundraising season with this new tool for our supporters to use. – JonsAtWar, Stack Up charity streamer on Twitch 

Stack Up uses gaming to support U.S. and Allied active duty service members around the world.  Stack Up's Charity Fundraising Twitch Extension can be installed here.

You can find other extensions powered by DonorDrive on Twitch, with more charities coming soon. Be on the lookout for even more charity streaming features that will be released by DonorDrive this fall. Want to get more involved and help DonorDrive build the next generation of charity streaming tools?

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