Fundraising with teams: Why team building can make your event a success

Team DonorDrive

Team DonorDrive

The African proverb, If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together gives insight to peer-to-peer fundraising.  The many strategic benefits of team-centric events outlined below can play a vital role in your success. If you want to fundraise, gather your team.

A team is more powerful than a crowd.

Individuals raise 70% more when part of a fundraising team.  These teams raise 10 times more than individuals alone and account for 59% of event donations.*Pulled from data of DonorDrive users that made teams part of their fundraising events.
Why do teams excel in events? It comes down to a group mentality.

Fundraisers are braver in a group

The ask becomes easier when you see others on your teams doing it. In a team shy members become bolder when they are fundraising with others. Captains play a vital role in guiding their team to succeed. Be sure to provide your captain with support and personalized treatment so they can transfer that to their team.

Members encourage each other

Being part of a team, especially a team with a positive impact, is very empowering. Members bond together and encourage each other to achieve their common goal. Team members are often connected outside of your organizations event. The team could be connected through their workplace, school, or any other type of social group. Sometimes teams are only connected through your event. So be sure to set up ways for teams and captains to communicate through messaging to encourage one another.

Members are accountable to the team

Like encouragement, accountability comes into play with a team. As a team member, they’re part of an elite group and apply pressure to support the team fundraising goal. No one wants to let the team down so thats another incentive to do your part.

Members compete against each other

Friendly competition builds better fundraisers. If team members are highly engaged they may strive to raise as much as their team captain. They're likely to self donate or drive momentum to fill their thermometer quickly to be the star team player.

Teams compete against other teams 

Team rivalry inspires more than the team. It inspires rival teams to be better fundraisers too. Being part of the winning team is always a good feeling. Make an effort to recognize and reward top fundraising teams to incentivize team members to work hard and compete for the "Top Team" title.

Teams grow infectiously 

News of team success spreads. Team members will post about their accomplishment on social media. If they had a positive experience they will likely invite people to join them the following year. Being on a successful team is something everyone wants to be a part of. So fostering that positive emotional high will help you retain participants and attract more each year.

When you make your event team-centric you build in a networking mechanism that sets your event up for growth. In fact, when event organizers promote teams, their events grow by 28% annually.

The more you make fundraising a team sport in your event the more successful you’ll be.

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