Charity Streaming 101

Ben Clayton

Ben Clayton

Product Integration Developer

Streaming has empowered fundraisers to raise money through charity events for some time now and we expect pace of growth to increase. Streaming is expected to grow to a $70.05 Billion industry by 2021. DonorDrive recently released Live Fundraising, a first-of-its-kind feature that makes it simple for fundraisers to integrate fundraising with their streams. It gives them the ability to interact with their supporters and in turn, raise more for your cause. We realize, as with any new technology, fundraising through streaming can be confusing, so here are the basics:

What is streaming?

Streaming is an online media feed typically broadcast in real time, and is also referred to as live streaming. Viewers can engage with the streamer, in real time, via chat and donations.

Why do it?

Streaming is the new way for fundraisers to tell their stories and help people better connect with the cause. It’s taking over as one of the most engaging ways for people to connect with one another online. Streaming provides an interactive experience for fundraisers to connect with their network of potential donors and inspire them to give in the moment. Platforms like Twitch give your organization additional reach and awareness through 15 million average daily viewers. Twitch now has more average daily viewers than ESPN, Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC combined. And according to Twitch, 78% of viewers want to see more charity in streaming.

Is it successful?

The numbers speak for themselves. Content creators on Twitch have raised over $80 million for charities, $30 million in 2017 alone. We saw more than 12,000 fundraisers connect their streams for multiple charities in the first month after releasing Live Fundraising. Since then, we've found that streamers raise 150% more than those who don't. Causes are adopting streaming quickly as well. Many organizations, even those with traditional events, are adding livestream fundraising to their strategies every week.

Where do supporters view a stream?

The leading platforms in the streaming space are Twitch, YouTube, and Mixer. DonorDrive’s Live Fundraising gives supporters fundraising tools direct in their stream, as well as the ability to embed their stream directly on their fundraising page. Viewers can stay up-to-date with their fundraising progress and give directly to your organization.

How does fundraising through a stream work?

Anyone can stream directly from their mobile phone, stream-enabled camera, or their computer. Their video feed is broadcast to the internet by a stream service, like Twitch.

People streaming for charity often post the schedule on their fundraising page of when they'll be streaming and promote their page on social media. They can customize their streams by adding the cause's branding and donation alerts. With Live Fundraising, our clients can easily provide branded assets for streamers to display. Donors can give without leaving the stream, streamers get real-time alerts, and the money goes directly into your nonprofit's bank account. 

Streamers keep their viewers engaged throughout the stream by verbally responding to chats, occasionally offering incentives for people who give certain amounts (like a shoutout in the stream, silly things like a pie to the face, or streamers playing a specific game in exchange for a donation), and many other creative ways.

How hard is it for streamers to set up fundraising?

We've made it easy for fundraisers to get started with streaming. After our clients turn on Live Fundraising in DonorDrive, fundraisers will be prompted to connect their stream to their fundraising page. We include guides to help them get started if they’re new to streaming.

How can my organization support streamers?

The better you arm your fundraisers with messaging, media, and branding, the better they’ll succeed. They’ll need talking points, impact statements, and examples of what a dollar can accomplish. With Live Fundraising, streamers can quickly embed their stream into their fundraising page that's branded for your organization, get real-time alerts to keep viewers engaged, and customize their streams with the built-in, branded assets. 

What experience do your supporters and staff expect?

Our researchers have spent the last year immersed in the streaming world and paired that with our 20+ years of fundraising experience. Here's what we found:

Fundraisers have the strongest needs and expectations. They want:

  • a simple way to set up and connect their platform of choice
  • assurance that the money makes it to the charity
  • to build meaningful experiences with their community
  • to engage and thank donors immediately

Donors are looking to make their giving part of the streaming experience. They want to:

  • know that they are donating directly to the charity
  • give without leaving the stream
  • be recognized for their donation on the stream

Your staff has expectations, as they would with any kind of fundraising. They want: 

  • a simple way to set up the program
  • a seamless, mission-branded experience
  • an effortless data integration
  • the ability to receive donations daily

When we created Live Fundraising, we saw a need to remove the complications and uncertainties faced by streamers, donors, and nonprofit staff. As fundraising through streaming grows into a major source of revenue for nonprofits, we see Live Fundraising as a necessity for DonorDrive's complete fundraising platform.

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