5 last-minute tips for marketing your #GivingTuesday campaign

Erin Todd

Erin Todd

Digital Marketing Manager

There’s still time to create a successful #GivingTuesday campaign. Here are five quick tips to make yours big this year:

  1. Have your #GivingTuesday campaign live and promote it before Thanksgiving. The marketing noise around Black Friday and Cyber Monday is massive. Getting a jump on promoting your upcoming #GivingTuesday campaign will get you better visibility, as well as early donations.
  2. Make your #GivingTuesday campaign visible everywhere. The link to your campaign page should be promoted on your nonprofit’s social media accounts, across your websites, in your newsletter, on your sponsors’ sites—anywhere you can talk about it and get the word out.
  3. Promote your campaign internally. Do a launch event with staff, volunteers and key advocates to encourage them to promote your #GivingTuesday campaign. Since #GivingTuesday was born on social media, these are the ideal people to promote it on their Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
  4. Ask supporters to share your #GivingTuesday link. While you’re making the ask to your supporters, ask all them to share your #GivingTuesday campaign with their networks. Their sharing can generate a lot more engagement and dollars. Always encouraging both donating and passing it on together really helps spread the word.
  5. Create an email campaign. While #GivingTuesday is known as a social campaign, email will still generate the most dollars. Don’t think in terms of just sending a #GivingTuesday email, instead send a multi-day campaign explaining the importance of #GivingTuesday to your nonprofit.

Like any major campaign, creating a #GivingTuesday program will require some time to plan and execute. Since it’s an annual event, many elements can be adjusted and repeated next year.

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