11 Twitter tips to make your fundraising campaigns fly

Team DonorDrive

Team DonorDrive

Many non-profits are not really using Twitter to its full potential. Social Fundraising software like DonorDrive has built-in Twitter functions to help your constituents generate donations and get the word out about your event or campaign. But there are many other Twitter tricks (including using Twitter during the event itself) to boost the excitement and increase last-minute giving.

1. Ask for retweets 

Encourage adding the phrase “Please RT” to pertinent event/campaign tweets. It can generate four times more retweets. (Limit tweets to 120 characters to allow space for retweeting.)

2. Choose an event hashtag

If your event is “Night Walk 2012” shorten it to something like “#ntwlk12”. You want it to be unique, so search Twitter to make sure the tag isn’t already in use.

3. Assign an official tweeter

Dedicate a person to be in charge of tweeting and monitoring before your event/campaign, as well as during. They can help steer the conversation and build excitement.

4. Encourage constituents to add your event/campaign to their Twitter bio 

This gives the event more visibility and can get the event/campaign included in Twitter searches.

5. Offer a Twitter background branded for your event/campaign 

If you have a graphic designer who helps out your cause, ask them to create a Twitter background specifically for your event/campaign that your participants can use on their Twitter page. These get a lot of notice.

6. Promote your hashtag 

Long before your event/campaign, promote your hashtag on your site and in all communications. Encourage constituents and staff to tweet it and use it as an official news channel for tweeting anything about the event/campaign.

7. Tweet events live 

Use your hashtag to report happenings during live events. This encourages Twitter activity from those at the event and those monitoring elsewhere.

8. Encourage participants to tell their supporters to follow the hashtag live 

This creates immediacy and can generate last minute donations.

9. Monitor tweetflow as it happens 

TweetDeck will monitor the hashtag in real time, allowing for easy response or retweeting.

10. Add a Tweetwall or Tweetboard at events

This is a big TV screen that shows the constant flow of tweets with the hastag. This works best indoors, but some have used it successfully outside as well.

11. When it’s over, archive your event/campaign tweets

Hootsuite Archives allows you to save all tweets with your hashtag. This can be valuable data to track success and gain insight into what you can do better next time.

For DonorDrive customers.

Some of the powerful social fundraising features of DonorDrive are not available in other fundraising software. The following tips all work great in DonorDrive:

Set up a field in your fundraising registration form to capture a Twitter ID

This allows you to create a base list of participant Twitter IDs to follow, ask for a follow back and to communicate with.

Set up a “how to” page in DonorDrive 

Show participants how to create a Twitter account. Seems simple enough, but the more encouragement the better.  

Push teams on the use of hashtags

DonorDrive makes it easy to you create teams within your event or campaign. Encourage teams to use the hashtag and you get instant Twitter activity. Even more so if there’s competition between teams.

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