Live Fundraising™

Watch Video

If your fundraisers can dream it, they can stream it with

Bring Your Fundraising Events to Life

Fundraisers can easily add their streams from Twitch, YouTube, or Mixer to their fundraising pages and share it with their friends, family, and followers. Live Fundraising™ can be used for any type of event, from gaming to walks to DIY campaigns, opening up a world of endless possibilities.

Turn Viewers into Donors

Live Fundraising™ engages your audience and encourages more donations by making viewers part of the action. Supporters can give instantly, without missing a minute of the action, and fundraisers can thank their donors live and in real time. 

Help Fundraisers Raise More Money

Streaming helps your fundraisers grow their personal networks and connect with more supporters around the globe. In fact, fundraisers who stream raise more money on average than those who don't. 

Create a Seamless, Mission-Branded Experience

Live Fundraising™ keeps your mission front and center, while features like donation alerts and chat create excitement and build a sense of community, bringing your fundraisers and donors together to support your cause. 

See Fundraising Results Immediately

Keep track of your streaming fundraisers and collect critical donor data right in your DonorDrive admin. Donations received while streaming are deposited to your organization daily, allowing you to instantly see the impact of their fundraising.

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