DIY Fundraising Program Strategy

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DIY Fundraising + DonorDrive = Better Together

Organizations of all sizes are creating and supporting DIY fundraising programs to offer their supporters more options to express their passion.  They already have choices in how they get services, receive news, watch TV and shop. They want and expect choices in how they will support you.

At DonorDrive, we believe the formula to DIY success is planning + platform + promotion.  That's why we've partnered with Natalie Stamer at Streetlight Digital to combine years of fundraising expertise and the power of our peer-to-peer fundraising software to offer a full-service approach to DIY fundraising success.

DonorDrive will provide your organization everything you need to launch and promote a successful DIY program on the DonorDrive platform.  

  • Leadership for the strategic direction of a new DIY program
  • Establishment of strategic business goals
  • Development of creative concept and brand messaging
  • Build and execute a tactical promotional plan

Ready to learn more about how DonorDrive Marketing Services can help you?  Let's talk.

Ready to learn more about how DonorDrive can help you?