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Create content that grows your event and saves your staff time

We know that many nonprofits today can't dedicate the resources needed to create amazing, meaningful content.  Good content engages supporters, recruits fundraisers and donors, and raises your event's revenue.  

With our two decades of experience in the nonprofit industry, DonorDrive is your ideal partner for developing and implementing an impactful communication strategy.  Let our team tackle the content, and let your team focus on hosting an incredible fundraising event. 

DonorDrive will work with your team to: 

  • Review your past communication strategy and identify opportunities for improvement 
  • Choose the best channels to reach your target audiences
  • Build a communications calendar for your events, to keep your fundraisers engaged from registration through event day and beyond 
  • Write and implement custom content that matches your nonprofit's voice and tone 
  • Provide post-event performance reports and benchmarks for your future programs 

Ready to learn more about how DonorDrive Marketing Services can help you?  Let's talk.

Ready to learn more about how DonorDrive can help you?