Ryan "HAVOK" Headrick

Ryan "HAVOK" Headrick

Community Engagement Manager

MDee14 is a content creator who streams on Twitch. They stream weekly on Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. They love to play story-driven games as it gives the feeling of watching a show with your friends. Horror games for that night at the movies feeling and platformers to show off some skill, but really to make his community laugh at their skills. Charity streaming is important and fun to them, because they come up with some creative ways to encourage their community and viewers. From eating beanboozled or whipped cream to the face when a goal has been met. They make sure to give it everything they got. Charity streaming is important to them as they were saved by their local Sick Kids' Hospital. Having the ability to give back and give a child a fighting chance, that really means a lot to them. They have supported charities such as Extra Life, AbleGamers and St.Jude.

You can find MDee14 on Twitch  and Twitter @MDee14

What is the origin of your username?

I wish I had some crazy epic story that would eventually become a Netflix mini-series for my username. But the origins of my name is just my name which is Marcel Dee. As for the 14, it's just my favorite number. 

How long have you been streaming on Twitch/YouTube?

I've been on Twitch since December 2015 and I've been enjoyed every moment of it. 

How did you get started in charity streaming and what is your favorite part about streaming for charity?

Seeing a charity stream on Twitch was one of my inspirations to start streaming. It was actually an Extra Life's Game Day event I witness and I saw the impact it made and I wanted to do that for my Local Sick Kids Hospital that saved my life when I was younger.  

In 2020, you raised money for Extra Life. Tell us about that event and one of your favorite moments.

2020 Extra Life Charity Event was amazing. My community was super encouraging and supportive. I had a lot of friends share their communities to get more eyes on the cause with raids and host, and I was able to share my story on the front page of Twitch, which was my first time on FrontPage. 2020 Extra Life charity was extraordinary, as it showed even during a pandemic, we could still make a difference and bring a smile to a child's life. 

Do you have any tips or advice for other charity streamers?

You can't predict the outcome of the charity. Focus on having fun and encourage your viewers. Keep them involved as it's a community effort to make a difference. Get some fun incentives, like bean Boozled or eat something you don't like, for me that's pickles. Keep things fun and you'll be surprised at how well it goes. 

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