Ryan "HAVOK" Headrick

Ryan "HAVOK" Headrick

Community Engagement Manager

Twitter | Twitch | Discord: jsstudz#3194

- What is the origin of your username?
My username is actually a combination of my whole name, it's a pretty simple name but it has a nice ring to it. I mean, it has Studz in it, so it just works.

- How long have you been streaming on Twitch?
I’ve been streaming on Twitch for probably about 6-7 years now, maybe a bit more. After so many years I sort of forgot when it all started. I do remember using a laptop on my coffee table with a small Blue Yeti mic and elgato. Looking back through clips it’s crazy how a stream can evolve so much.

- How did you get started in charity streaming and what is your favorite part about streaming for charity?
I’ve been doing Extra Life for about 9 years, I probably didn’t actually start streaming for Extra Life until about 5 years ago. I think I came to a realization then that there was so much more I could do for Extra Life and my local community by starting to stream for charity. It’s not just about raising money but also awareness for the cause. And that’s what has always been my favorite part of charity streaming, reaching out to others and talking about what Extra Life is and how they can do more. You end up hearing a lot of interesting stories about how others have been affected by CMN hospitals in the past or present.

- You raise money for Extra Life each year. Tell us about one of your favorite moments.
I think one of my favorite moments of Extra Life was being at Extra Life United 2019, it was the first time going to Extra Life United and I went with a buddy of mine, TheRedGamer, who is another Wisconsin Extra Lifer. I’ve heard about having to go to ELU for many years and how the experience is indescribable and it really is. You get to meet all these amazing people who are trying to win/earn money for their local hospitals and you get motivated to do more with Extra Life by the end of it.

Not to mention that they made me “floss” on stage during ELU 2019 as well.

You have created tools that empower fundraisers. Tell us about the tools you have created and why you created them.
I’ve created a lot of tools for the Extra Life community such as Incentive/Milestone ticker, Donation tracker and a browser source to show recent donations as an OBS panel. A lot of these tools I created because it was something that I, personally, felt was needed to enhance my own fundraising efforts, especially when it comes to incentives and milestones. There is so much more I’d love to centered around Extra Life and fundraising with the tools but unfortunately limited on time and resources.

Even though my tools have been more or less branded towards Extra Life, the best part of the DonorDrive API is that any fundraising that runs through DonorDrive can actually utilize the tools for virtual fundraising.

- Do you have any tips or advice for other charity streamers?
Whether you are raising $10, $100 or $10,000; you are all making a difference for the charity you are fundraising. It’s easy to get caught up in the numbers and what to do more, but at the end of the day you put in the work to make a difference and should be proud of what you have done.

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