Charity Streaming Spotlights

Great causes and talented content creators teaming up to take on the great needs facing our world.

Learn about what drives them to charity stream.


CrevLM is a content creator who's been streaming on Twitch since 2016 and has always loved working with charities and with Charity Streaming she has found a great way to combine her passions!

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MDee14 is a content creator who streams on Twitch. They love to play story-driven games as it gives the feeling of watching a show with your friends. Charity streaming is important and fun to them, because they come up with some creative ways to encourage their community and viewers.

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Stream to End MS

Stream to End MS empowers content creators to do what they love and change the world for people affected by multiple sclerosis

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Celestinakitty is a content creator from Texas who loves to play Final Fantasy XIV & Indie Games for charity. She showcases a different charity each month & also participates in Extra Life. 

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jsstudz is a content creator who's been a longtime member of the Extra Life community. He does more to give back to Extra Life than just fundraising and streaming he was honored in 2020 as the Hackathon winner in 2020 for creating enhancements to empower streamers to raise more.

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zolloz89 is a content creator who's been a member of the Extra Life community since 2012. Today, he has raised over $25,000 to change kids health and participating in the Extra Life community is now part of his weekly routine. 

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