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Interactive Incentives with Dixper

DonorDrive and Dixper have teamed up to increase engagement between livestream fundraisers and their viewers while encouraging donations during charity streams.

Interactive Incentives with Dixper give content creators the ability to offer special effects to donors who give specific donation amounts, such as covering the livestream with candy or darkness, applying different voice effects to the content creator, and interfering with keyboard and mouse use.

Users must meet these requirements to take advantage of Interactive Incentives with Dixper: 

  • Registered to fundraise for a nonprofit through DonorDrive
  • Active in Dixper Studio – Interactive Incentives will not be visible to donors when inactive
  • Livestreaming on Twitch – Dixper can be used with any game or type of livestream
  • Using Windows 10 or 11

Not registered to fundraise through DonorDrive? Check out some of these amazing charity streaming programs to get started with Interactive Incentives:

How to Add Interactive Incentives to Your DonorDrive Fundraising Page

Step 1: Download and Install Dixper Studio

Step 2: Find and Copy Your Integration Key in Dixper Studio

  • Navigate to Widgets
  • Select DonorDrive
  • Enable the integration
  • Copy your Incentive Key

This Incentive Key will be used to link your Fundraising Page to Dixper and ensure that Interactive Incentives claimed on your page will be sent directly to your stream.

Step 3: Paste the Incentive Key in Your DonorDrive Fundraiser Page Settings

Step 4: Configure Your Interactive Incentive

Set the amount of each incentive, select your Dixper Skill, limit the quantity available, and add optional start and end dates.

Available Skills:
  • Candy covers screen
  • Mess with WASD keys
  • Wind blows mouse
  • Darkness fills the screen
  • Send a cute jump scare
  • Tunnel vision for 20 seconds
  • Spam the spacebar
  • Robot voice
  • Baby voice
  • Spam the left click button

You can also create your own Donor Incentives like offering on-stream shout outs, eating baby food, and doing push ups. The opportunities to showcase your creativity are endless.

Step 5: Go Live

Start giving your viewers extra incentive to support a cause you care about during your charity stream. Interactive Incentives will not be visible unless you are active in Dixper Studio and livestreaming on Twitch. 

Combined with DonorDrive’s Twitch integration, your viewers can donate without leaving the livestream and see their incentive play out on screen within moments.

About DonorDrive

DonorDrive is a digital fundraising platform, empowering content creators to fundraise for nonprofit organizations they care about. In addition to offering Interactive Incentives with Dixper, DonorDrive has a native integration with Twitch, allowing content creators to embed fundraising progress, top donors, Fundraising Milestones, Donor Incentives, and donation progress on their Twitch livestream.

Find a DonorDrive charity streaming program.

About Dixper

Dixper is an interactive platform for livestreamers and their viewers. Through Dixper, viewers can purchase Skills to impact a livestream in real-time with on-screen actions. When not actively fundraising for a nonprofit, livestreamers can sell Dixper Skills to amplify their personal income.