Have a bigger impact through innovative fundraising.

For 19 years Global Cloud has innovated technology for both Fortune 500 companies and major nonprofits. Our extensive experience in working with both makes us uniquely qualified in creating Cause Marketing solutions that engage your audiences and multiply the impact on your cause. From this expertise we developed DonorDrive Peer-to-Peer Fundraising, the industry's most innovative platform. Here's how companies are using DonorDrive to engage stakeholders and fundraise for their corporate causes:

  • Building workplace culture with team fundraising campaigns and events.

  • Attracting and retaining Millennial staff with their own Fundraise Your Way campaigns for your cause.

  • Engaging your customers through fundraising and taking them the next step beyond cash-register giving.

  • Giving your community the power to host their own campaigns and events, like walks and runs.

DonorDrive is flexible for handling any type of online fundraising and scalable for any size cause program or initiative. Whether you're a Cause Marketing department, corporate foundation or a nonprofit looking to provide your corporate partner with powerful fundraising, DonorDrive empowers your audiences to have a deeper impact on your cause.


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