World Vision

World Vision raises more than a billion dollars annually for their programs that provide humanitarian aid in parts of the world where it’s needed most for 65 years.


Too many fundraising methods and dysfunctional vehicles made it difficult to offer supporters a consistent and easy way to fundraise for World Vision.


DonorDrive provides a single efficient peer-­to-­peer platform that accommodates all types of online campaigns.

How they fundraise:

  • Team World Vision Endurance Events Program
  • My Cause DIY Fundraising
  • World Vision Youth Activism Campaigns
  • Emergency Relief Campaigns

What they rely on DonorDrive for:

  • Easy to use for fundraisers, donors and staff
  • Social tools drive donations and engagement
  • Robust enough to handle major fundraising activity


  • Add major new initiatives through DonorDrive annually
  • Raised $135,000 in 66 hours to fight Ebola in Sierra Leone

“Using DonorDrive is fun, encouraging, and allows our supporters to feel successful. That’s really important for us: to make them feel like they’re making a difference in the world.”