Four Diamonds

The Four Diamonds Fund helps children with cancer treated at Penn State Hershey Children’s Hospital through superior care, comprehensive support and innovative research.


Needed an online fundraising vehicle to handle more than 100 fundraising events annually for colleges and high schools.


DonorDrive provides the flexibility to handle an extensive series of dance marathon-style events, walks, runs and every kind of fundraising that Four Diamonds does.

How they fundraise:

  • 140 Mini-THONs
  • Walks
  • Huddle Up FTK Third-Party Fundraisers
  • Conquer Run

What they rely on DonorDrive for:

  • Easy event creation for affiliates
  • Consistent participant and donor experience across all events
  • Flexibility to handle new fundraising initiatives from supporters


  • In four years they’ve gone from raising zero dollars online to over one million raised last year
  • Has increased annual participants to 40,000
  • Control of registration, the fundraising process, dollars and donor data for a consistent participant experience

We share the stat that four years ago we had zero dollars raised online for Four Diamonds and this past year we raised a million dollars through DonorDrive. That's amazing to us.

­Four Diamonds