Climate Ride

Climate Ride hosts life­-changing, five-day cycling and hiking events that raise awareness and support sustainability, active transportation and environmental causes.


Previous software lacked good customer service that's greatly needed by an aggressive nonprofit startup. Much staff time was spent manually extracting data to determine where participants were in the fundraising process.


DonorDrive is used to host all Climate Ride fundraising activity.

How they fundraise:

  • 5­-Day Rides
  • 4­-Day Hikes
  • Independent Challenges DIY Campaigns

What they rely on DonorDrive for:

  • Mobile­-friendly donations
  • Fundraising Motivation Engine® enables staff to better communicate with participants for encouragement
  • Custom forms allow gathering extra information from participants at registration


  • Increased rides from 2­5, added hike and independent challenge programs
  • Grew fundraising 33% in 2014 
  • Have raised over $1,000,000 online annually through DonorDrive

Your guys' customer service is fantastic. I can’t even tell you. It allows me to focus more on doing my job rather than on the tech problems of supporters.

- Climate Ride