Children's Miracle Network Hospitals

Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals raises funds for research, training, equipment, and uncompensated care for 170 nonprofit children’s hospitals across the U.S. and Canada.


Needed an innovative peer-­to­-peer fundraising software that could handle new initiatives like virtual fundraisers as well as signature events.


DonorDrive accommodates unique fundraising events that have unique needs (like earmarking donations for 170 hospitals individually) and signature series events.

How they fundraise:

  • Dance Marathon Series
  • Extra Life virtual gaming fundraiser
  • My Miracle Birthday personal fundraising

What they rely on DonorDrive for:

  • Flexes to adapt to any cutting­-edge fundraising idea they think up
  • Friendly support that accommodates their diverse fundraising needs
  • Ease of use that improves success: increasing participants, donors and dollars


  • Continues to add new fundraising initiatives each year
  • Grew their youth program 80% in three years
  • Their fundraising has grown an average of 52% annually since 2010 with DonorDrive

Once again DonorDrive and Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals collaborated on a unique, engaging, and highly ­effective peer­-to-­peer fundraising event with Extra Life. Since 2010, Extra Life has grown from raising $460K annually to $9 Million in 2017.

- CMN Hospitals