What defines a compassionate act?

Nonprofit Spotlight November 2, 2016 By Kevin Wolfe

On November 1st at the Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Canada Conference, we sponsored a lunchtime contest and asked attendees to tweet the most compassionate act from their nonprofit this year. We thought we'd share a few of the great stories, all centered around the work that their supporters did for the cause.

When it came to compassion, some supporters gave their time and energy:

Some made personal sacrifice:

One secretly donated her "rainy day fund" to help refugees:

Some made magic happen for those with Parkinson's. 

Of course many fundraised:

And some fundraised despite their own problems, as Gord Downie of the band The Tragically Hip touched the nation by turning his battle against terminal cancer into a million-dollar fundraiser for the memory of a First Nation youth. 

And here's the winning story that landed Kiersten Eyes or an Apple Watch 2:

All in all, some amazing efforts. We like how one attendee summed it up:

It was great to meet so many  people commited to their organizations at this conference and we thank all who shared their stories. There's another big fundraising conference in Toronto in a few weeks as we head to the AFP Congress in Toronto on November 21st.