Webinar Replay: 12 Ways to Motivate your Zero-Dollar Fundraisers

Fundraiser Profiles June 8, 2017 By Kevin Wolfe


Many of today’s peer-to-peer events struggle with recruiting large numbers of participants who are enthusiastic about the event, but fail to actually fundraise a cent for the organization. You’d think that after decades of facing this problem someone would one would have come up with a proven plan to motivate zero-dollar fundraisers. Now we have.

12 Ways to Motivate your Zero-Dollar Fundraisers, our one-hour webinar from Peer-to-Peer Professional Forum with Michael Forsberg, Team World Vision Experience Director, and Joanna Harvey, DonorDrive Marketing Director. Discover will show you how to turn your zero-dollar participants into successful fundraisers.

You’ll learn how:

  • To turn your awareness-focused event into a fundraising event
  • To initiate fundraising minimums without pushback from participants
  • To encourage zero-dollar fundraisers using minimal resources
  • World Vision motivates participants to raise big through an incentive program

Plus, you’ll learn a dozen proven best practices that will motivate your zero-dollar fundraisers.