The secrets of getting seen on #GivingTuesday

Nonprofit Marketing October 25, 2017 By Anne Baum

As #GivingTuesday rapidly approaches, nonprofits are quickly gearing up their own internal campaigns. This planning includes getting the most out of marketing channels. The folks at #GivingTuesday have an amazing set of resources to help make you successful. One of my favorites is the video, Amplifying Your Campaign with Social Media & Digital Marketing.  


What I love about this video

This is what I consider to be the most useful advice:

1. Use paid advertising on Google and Facebook to widen your online reach

  • Identify your target audience (use your data!) You can use Google Analytics or Facebook Audiences to understand the demographics and interests of your audiences. Pro tip: Facebook allows you to upload MailChimp databases into an audience.
  • Use lookalike audiences in Facebook They will take your most attractive audience and find more people like them online. Use this audience to introduce new donors to your organization.
  • Target your ads Each audience deserves a different ad based on their history with you and what their tendencies are.
  • Work with a professional If any of this sounds daunting or foreign and you don't think you have time to learn before you launch your campaigns, hire a professional.

2. Take advantage of Google and Facebook retargeting advertising

  • Audiences respond more when reminded of you and your cause Use retargeting to show ads again based on where supporters are in the process (if they didn’t donate, just donated or are a reccuring donor.)

3. Use your ambassadors

  • Make it easy for supporters to become ambassadors for #GivingTuesday Put together a program for engaged supporters so they can share it with their networks.
  • Give them tips, images, assets and templates to make it easy for them to spread your message.
  • Do a training so that everyone (including your staff) feels comfortable and empowered. Pro Tip: Use foods and treats to encourage attendance.

My additional tips

In addition to pointers from the #GivingTuesday site, here’s what I consider to be the best ways to get noticed:

1. Prepare yourself to be visible in search

  • Set-up a unique donation page on your site with appropriate SEO elements so you can easily be found.
  • Set-up #GivingTuesday specific campaigns and sitelinks in AdWords so that you can deliver potential donors directly to your #GivingTuesday experience.
  • Don’t forget YouTube It’s the second largest search engine. Use this as an opportunity to clean up your YouTube profile and make sure your #GivingTuesday message is front and center. Videos can be fun, interactive and include a Donate Button (if you are signed up for the YouTube Nonprofit Program).

2. Encourage sharing and make your message pretty

  • Make sharing easy Use Open Graph tags on your #GivingTuesday fundraising page to make sharing consistent and to keep it on brand.


3. Find a new place to be visible

  • Use your analytics data to see where donors came from last year and use those channels.

4. Do a quick reputation check

  • Make it easy to know how amazing you are by ensuring that your profile and information are up to date on sites like Charity Navigator. You can also google “your organization” or “your organization + giving tuesday” to find what potential donors will see when the search for you. Potential givers want to know that the money they donate will be used well so they’ll research your organization. 

Putting these secrets to use will help boost your #GivingTuesday fundraising page higher in search results and help generate more awareness for your nonprofit on this international day of giving. 

Anne Baum is Director of Marketing Services at DonorDrive, handling advertising for nonprofits as well as Google Ad Grant management. She is both Google AdWords and Analytics certified and maintains DonorDrive’s Google Partners Program.