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1. Is resistance to DIY keeping you from your next revenue stream?

Many DonorDrive clients are generating substantial income through Personal Campaigns or complete Do-It-Yourself fundraising  programs. But we’re hearing that some organizations (maybe yours included?) are facing resistance from within that’s keeping them from starting a program. If you’re finding this opposition inside your organization, we thought it might be helpful for your plea if you had some straightforward answers to the most common questions from boards and executive staff.

Tags: DIY, peer-to-peer fundraising, fundraise-your-way
By Kevin Wolfe
2. Building super fundraisers through super coaching Part 2: The power of communications

An effective communications schedule is a necessity for the success of any peer-to-peer event. In talking with Jessica Scheps, Development Event Specialist who heads up communications for Ride Closer to Free, we find her communications philosophy differs from many in the peer-to-peer event space. Jessica feels that you have to be aggressive with your communications schedule: “We learned probably in year two of our ride that we didn’t communicate enough. I’d rather hear: ‘I can’t stand getting your emails’ rather than: ‘I’m not getting enough emails.’”

Tags: fundraising, peer-to-peer fundraising, case study, best practices
By Kevin Wolfe
3. Five metrics that will improve your event fundraising

At DonorDrive, we’re often asked what data can be used to improve the success of a peer-to-peer event between launch of registration and event day. We’ve boiled it down to the five most important metrics you can track during event fundraising to boost revenue:

Tags: peer-to-peer fundraising, Events, zero-dollar fundraisers
By Kevin Wolfe
4. Why Facebook is the most powerful social channel for fundraising

At first glance, Facebook doesn’t look like a place for nonprofits to play. Last year it was reported that Facebook’s reach is down 52% for businesses and 42% for pages and still declining. So your organization’s updates are seen by fewer and fewer people. To get your updates seen by more people you're now expected to pay to advertise—just like for-profit corporations.

But cheer up.

Tags: social media, best practices, peer-to-peer fundraising
By Kevin Wolfe
5. Raise 60% more by coaching your participants through text notifications

In online peer-to-peer fundraising, email has been the traditional communication tool for organizations to communicate with their participants. Organizations rely on it for recruiting, for communicating event details and for motivating their participants to fundraise. But when it comes to coaching, our latest research shows that text is a much more effective tool. Here’s the proof:

Tags: best practices, peer-to-peer fundraising
By Kevin Wolfe, Michelle Steed, Ed Lord
6. Peer-to-Peer Fundraising: How organizations are doubling their online revenue

Working closely with our DonorDrive clients, we get an in-the-trenches view of what’s happening in peer-to-peer fundraising. Once again, we’ve seen many of our clients grow their events, grow their campaigns and—more importantly—grow their organizations. In examining the event totals of DonorDrive clients raising more than $1 million online annually, we came across this amazing stat:

Tags: peer-to-peer fundraising, DIY, Cause Marketing, best practices, Millennials, social media
By Kevin Wolfe
7. Fundraising flexibility that fuels regional and national growth.

For the past few years we’ve seen a trend of organizations expanding their peer-to-peer fundraising solely from hosting signature events to now offering DIY fundraising, third-party fundraising, community fundraising, virtual programs and other options to retain current supporters and to attract new ones. Many are discovering a big hidden benefit in offering fundraising options: They’re encouraging new growth both regionally and nationally.

Tags: DIY, peer-to-peer fundraising, best practices, fundraise-your-way
By Kevin Wolfe
8. Donate with Apple Pay in DonorDrive.

Our nonprofit clients that fundraise with DonorDrive can now offer their supporters Apple Pay as an easy and secure method of giving. The COPD Foundation is the first of our clients (and among a small group of nonprofits worldwide) that is now connected for giving by Apple Pay.

Tags: Apple Pay, mobile friendly, peer-to-peer fundraising
By Kevin Wolfe
9. Infographic: Social fundraising is alive and well in 2016. And growing.

Numerous reports have come out recently criticizing social media for a lackluster fundraising performance. And it’s true: If your organization is making the ask over your well-liked social media channels you may be surprised at the lack of response. That’s because social media is a tool best used by supporters, not organizations. What really gets the donations pouring in is when your participants share the story of why they’re involved in your event and ask their friends and family to give.

Tags: social media, peer-to-peer fundraising, infographic, fundraising statistics
By Kevin Wolfe
10. 12 ways to rid your event of zero-dollar fundraisers.

It’s shocking to most nonprofits in the peer-to-peer fundraising space when they examine their event data and discover how many participants don’t raise a penny. It’s easy to write off the zero-dollar fundraiser as just part of doing business, but have you looked at how many you really have and how much of a drain it can be on your event? Causes that hold fundraising events, but don’t require fundraising can find that 80% of those who register don’t raise a dime. If your fundraising software is one that charges you by the record, you’re losing money just by having all those zero-dollar fundraisers loitering in your system. We asked DonorDrive staff members Ed Lord, Michelle Steed and Mike Malekoff for their expertise on the matter. From their time recently at the American Cancer Society, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and JDRF, they've developed many techniques to minimize and eliminate zero-dollar fundraisers. 

Tags: best practices, peer-to-peer fundraising
By Kevin Wolfe

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