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1. How to build and spend a nonprofit marketing budget when you have none: Part 1

Despite what you may hear from the nay-sayers, we truly are in a golden age of marketing. And that applies to nonprofits just as much as it applies to for-profits. For all of us, there have been many changes as we have integrated digital into our marketing plans. But one thing hasn’t changed—the marketing budget hasn’t increased. Advertising spends might be smaller today, but there are many organizations that are having amazing results in marketing digitally. We spoke with Michelle Steed, Vice President of Client Success and Ed Lord, Chief Strategy Officer at DonorDrive about how nonprofits can be most effective with their marketing.

Tags: Cause Marketing, Google Grants
By Kevin Wolfe, Michelle Steed, Ed Lord
2. Case Study: Children's Miracle Network Hospitals' big success with Google Ad Grants.

A Google Ad Grant really is free money for nonprofits. Organizations that qualify for the program receive $120,000 a year in Google Ad Word advertising. This is a massive amount of in-kind advertising dollars that can be used to promote an organization’s brand, events and fundraising. Results vary greatly, but many organizations have used their Google Grant to get substantially more site traffic and they’ve also seen substantially more donations and dollars since starting the ads.

Tags: google grants, case study
By Kevin Wolfe

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