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1. How to build and spend a nonprofit marketing budget when you have none: Part 1

Despite what you may hear from the nay-sayers, we truly are in a golden age of marketing. And that applies to nonprofits just as much as it applies to for-profits. For all of us, there have been many changes as we have integrated digital into our marketing plans. But one thing hasn’t changed—the marketing budget hasn’t increased. Advertising spends might be smaller today, but there are many organizations that are having amazing results in marketing digitally. We spoke with Michelle Steed, Vice President of Client Success and Ed Lord, Chief Strategy Officer at DonorDrive about how nonprofits can be most effective with their marketing.

Tags: Cause Marketing, Google Grants
By Kevin Wolfe, Michelle Steed, Ed Lord
2. Peer-to-Peer Fundraising: How organizations are doubling their online revenue

Working closely with our DonorDrive clients, we get an in-the-trenches view of what’s happening in peer-to-peer fundraising. Once again, we’ve seen many of our clients grow their events, grow their campaigns and—more importantly—grow their organizations. In examining the event totals of DonorDrive clients raising more than $1 million online annually, we came across this amazing stat:

Tags: peer-to-peer fundraising, DIY, Cause Marketing, best practices, Millennials, social media
By Kevin Wolfe
3. 6 tips for landing the cause consumer.

It’s easy to think that Cause Marketing appeals to a consumer with a different sensibility within a brand’s customer base. There’s been an assumption for years that current customers get gratification out of doing business with an ethical company and will continue doing business with them for that reason. But have we ever examined whether our traditional marketing and Cause Marketing may be appealing to two entirely different customers? An indication of this came from a Nielsen survey that shows that...

Tags: Cause Marketing
By Ed Lord
4. You've scheduled a meeting with a major what?

The prospect of meeting with a big brand can be terrifying. This meeting is the next step past getting your foot in the door and it can set the tone for a long-term, Cause Marketing partnership with the corporation. But if not handled well, it can end with: “Nice meeting you, but no thanks.” Here’s a list of best practices for making a good first impression:

Tags: Cause Marketing, best practices
By Ed Lord
5. Who are the Cause Marketing stakeholders?

At the dawn of Cause Marketing in the mid ’70s, the plan was to use the cause to help attract customers. As a matter of fact, the very first Cause Marketing campaign was to drive admissions to Marriott’s new Great America amusement park with March of Dimes as beneficiary. In the 40 years since, companies have realized that their cause can draw in a substantially larger audience than just customers. It’s expanded to any stakeholder that has an interest in the company. You’ll find all the following groups can become involved with a company’s cause:

Tags: Cause Marketing, Cause Marketing
By Kevin Wolfe
6. 5 ways to retain a corporate partner.

With organizations focusing on long-term partnerships as opposed to annual or one-time sponsorships, it’s important that you work to retain those sponsors. It’s a given that your organization will deliver on promises to your corporate partner, but there are simple things you can do to ensure that you continue that partnership for years to come.

Tags: best practices, Cause Marketing
By Ed Lord
7. The Complete Guide to Corporate Partnerships for Nonprofits. Part 1: Business is business.

This seven-part series was written as a comprehensive guide for nonprofits who are looking to move beyond basic commercial sponsorship to long-term partnerships with corporations and gain the extensive benefits these relationships offer. What I’ll cover over the next few weeks are: 

Tags: Thought Leadership, Cause Marketing
By Ed Lord

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