Spring is DIY season.

Fundraising Campaign Types May 5, 2016 By Kevin Wolfe

Many organizations are discovering that Spring is a very successful time of the year to encourage supporters to create Do It Yourself peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns. There are two main reasons for this:

  • The lethargy of Winter is over People are in the mood to move. Many are training for marathons and other commercial athletic events, while others just feel energetic and want to do something (which can include fundraising for your organization.)
  • Spring is a nesting ground for life events Weddings, anniversaries, showers, and graduations all happen in Spring. These all involve gift giving, which lets friends and family express themselves through donations.

Wedding giving generates $11,625. 

The wedding campaign above for World Vision brought in substantial revenue to build wells in Africa. One thing we’ve noticed about life-event campaigns is that they commonly inspire more generosity. Many times that gift of a $100 food processor can translate to a $500 donation when it’s going to a good cause. The numbers bear this out: when compared to fall DIY campaigns, Spring campaigns get 51% more donations and each donation is 11% higher on average. As a result :

Spring campaigns raise 70% more. 

A big benefit of DIY fundraising is that your supporters can get creative with their fundraising for your organization anytime they want. But Spring is an opportune time to promote them since many of your supporters have life events happening in the Spring.