So...what's the plan for next year?

Nonprofit Management and Leadership November 21, 2017 By Kevin Wolfe

It’s that time? Already? We know for most nonprofits, planning for the new year is well underway. As you hash out the details for next year’s plan, we have some practical reminders to help improve fundraising:

  1. Make planning a priority. With everything else you’re working on right now, planning for next year can get pushed off until you’re way behind. Block off time, even if it’s only for a few hours, to really devote some thought to next year. Ultimately your plan will be better for it.
  2. Create surveys and ask for feedback from donors, participants, volunteers and committee members. You can’t make everybody happy, but you may spot recurring issues and opportunities that you can change next year.
  3. Review this year’s goals. See what worked, what didn’t and what you need to change for next year. Most importantly, decide now what you want to say “no” to.
  4. Deep dive into data. An amazing amount of data is collected in your peer-to-peer fundraising software, in your CRM, in your email software and through your social channels. When you put it all together and you’ll may find patterns in the data to help guide you. (For DonorDrive clients, our Event Insights feature can gives you an invaluable overview of the most important metrics from this year’s events.)
  5. Adapt, adopt and improve. Now is a good time to rethink your baseline plan for next year. What improvements would make fundraising  go more smoothly? Also, do some contingency planning. Based on trends and concerns this year, what can you do to take advantage of emerging opportunities next year?

Final point: When you make your plan, challenge yourself, but also be realistic about it. If you know you can accomplish next year’s goals based on this year’s data, you’re a lot more likely to make the planning process go more smoothly for the future. Happy planning.