New White Paper: Best Practices for Retaining and Recruiting Event Participants

Blog October 12, 2017 By Kevin Wolfe

Did you know: for every 10 current participants you lose in your peer-to-peer event, you need to recruit 25 new participants to make up the revenue?

That stat is from our latest white paper, Best Practices for Retaining and Recruiting Event Participants. It shows the importance of retaining current participants for the health of your event revenue, while recruiting new participants for growth. In this paper you'll learn:

  • How to retain participants from the moment you meet them
  • Ways to make an event cool for alumni
  • How to extend your event over the entire year 
  • Proven ways to get your event participants to recruit for you

You’ll also find the success story of Ride Closer to Free, Connecticut’s largest bike ride. This event has a retention rate of 70%, while seeing a 53% increase in dollars-raised-per-participant over the past two years.

Whether your participant numbers are down, up or holding steady, our white paper will help you improve the success of your next event.

Download it below.