New white paper: 12 Ways to Engage Your Zero-Dollar Fundraisers

Blog June 29, 2017 By Kevin Wolfe

Zero-dollar fundraisers are a major problem for almost every organization. It’s estimated that well more than half of all peer-to-peer event participants nationwide don’t raise a cent. It’s an epidemic, but we have the proven cure. Our white paper, 12 Ways to Engage Your Zero Dollar Fundraisers, focuses on a realistic plan to solve the problem for your nonprofit. Here’s what’s covered:

  • Why organizations face the zero-dollar fundraiser problem in the first place
  • How to turn your awareness-focused event into a true fundraising event
  • How to initiate required fundraising with minimal pushback from participants
  • How to encourage your zero-dollar fundraisers to start fundraising using minimal resources
  • How to create a multi-year plan to implement required fundraising

12 Ways to Engage Your Zero Dollar Fundraisers is great summer reading and filled with tactics to reduce zero-dollar fundraisers that you can put to use in your events this fall.