Infographic: Your Top 10 List

Blog September 28, 2017 By Kevin Wolfe

Every peer-to-peer fundraiser is important to your event, but do you really know which of your fundraisers are most valuable? Our latest infographic examines the top 10% of your fundraisers. It’s surprising just how much of an impact they have on your event:

The top 10% of fundraisers bring in more than half the event revenue.

So this 10% of your participants has a huge impact on your event.

Who are they?

It’s helpful to understand why these participants are so successful. When compared to the average event participant, your Top 10%:

  • are more ambitious: They set their fundraising goal 3.3 times higher.
  • are born leaders: They’re more than twice as likely to be team captains.
  • are great storytellers: They’re 1.5 times more likely to share the story about why they’re participating on their fundraising page.
  • like to share pictures: They’re two times more likely to add a photo to the story on their fundraising page.
  • fundraise through email: They send 5 times as many emails.
  • have larger networks: They have 5 times as many friends that they engage with.
  • are persistent about their fundraising: They fundraise 2.5 times longer a period of time.

As a result:

Participants on your Top 10 List raise 4.5 times more than average.

Why your Top 10 List needs special attention

It's a common misconception that these advocates don’t need any help, so we devote our time to pushing our zero-dollar fundraisers to get started. But that’s not how it works: It’s easier to get your top 10% to raise more than it is to get zero-dollar fundraisers raising at all. Treat your Top 10 like big donors, since many of them have the same impact with the dollars they bring to your organization.

Use your Top 10% as role models for everyone else

Now that you know the behavior of your Top 10, you can encourage it in all your fundraisers. If you get a few more participants to share their story, send another email and actively fundraise for another week, you’ll be training them to be better fundraisers, as well as generate more revenue in your next event.

Download this inspiring infographic below.