Infographic: The blossoming of DIY

Blog December 5, 2017 By Kevin Wolfe

DIY (Do-It-Yourself) fundraising, has a taken some interesting turns. It continues to grow and evolve as a revenue stream for organizations that embrace it. We examined growth of DIY programs in DonorDrive over the last two years for our latest infographic and here’s what we found:

125% more nonprofits are fundraising through DIY.

DIY has become an umbrella for fundraising outside of signature events, especially for community and endurance events. We have a great article that explains in detail how DIY campaigns give supporters options, as well as have morphed into mainstream peer-to-peer fundraising

What we’ve also noticed in our research is that DIY fundraisers are usually your most active supporters. A curious stat is that:

100% tell their story on their personal campaign page.

Event participants often leave the default text on their fundraising page, but we discovered that every DIY participant really wants to tell the story about why they’re fundraising. As a result of their passion:

A DIY fundraiser raises 7 times as much as an event participant.

Check out all the stats on the growth of DIY in our latest infographic. You can down load it below. 

Sample: Nonprofits using DonorDrive 2014-2017