Our nonprofit clients that fundraise with DonorDrive can now offer their supporters Apple Pay as an easy and secure method of giving. The COPD Foundation is the first of our clients (and among a small group of nonprofits worldwide) that is now connected for giving by Apple Pay.

Easier donations equals more donations.

The online donation process, just like any online transaction, has consisted of entering your name, address, credit card, etc., in a web form. For years we’ve been working to make this process easier and easier in DonorDrive, since fewer fields lead to more supporters completing the donation process. Now through Apple Pay, supporters of the COPD Foundation can make a simple tap on their iPhone and securely donate in just a few seconds.  

Apple rules mobile giving.

With Apple Pay, donors can give easily and securely though their iPhones, iPads and the Safari browser on Macs. Jennifer Bailey, Apple’s vice president of Apple Pay notes in Apple’s press release: “Websites and apps tell us they see twice as many people actually completing a purchase with Apple Pay than with other payment methods. We think offering such a simple and secure way to support the incredible work nonprofits do will have a significant impact on the communities they serve.”

Another big factor in the value of Apple Pay for nonprofits is that 75% of all mobile-donation dollars in DonorDrive come through iPhone and iPad. With so many potential donors with iOS devices in their hands (when their friends ask them to give by email or social media) it’s easy to see how the single-click convenience of Apple Pay will have a huge effect on a nonprofit’s revenue.

Currently 75% of all mobile-donation dollars in DonorDrive come through iPhone and iPad.

Integrating with Apple Pay now makes one-tap donations a reality for nonprofits who fundraise with DonorDrive.

If you’re interested in giving your donors the convenience of Apple Pay in your peer-to-peer fundraising, visit our Apple Pay page to find out more.

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