Case Study: NAMI's donors cover more than $50,000 in processing fees

Nonprofit Spotlight March 30, 2017 By Kevin Wolfe

Did you know more than half of your donors will cover payment processing fees for their donations when asked? In DonorDrive 52% of donors cover their processing fees when given the option. This has proven to lead to a 3% increase in overall event revenue. In our case study, Wayne Baldaro, Senior Program Manager of Fund, Development, and Events of the National Alliance on Mental Illness, explains this trend of giving a little more: “Now donors expect the additional ask. They expect the opportunity to do more. It’s becoming a standard in fundraising: another way for people to do additional good.”

We know some organizations feel asking their donors to cover fees could be a turn off, revealing the fact that 100% of their donation isn’t currently going to the mission. But today’s savvy donors are fully aware that it costs money to raise money and many are willing to pay those fees so the organization doesn’t have to. Wayne says NAMI’s donors give a thumbs up to the option: “Donors have generally received it favorably. They like the idea that they have the opportunity to reduce the cost of our event. It helps our local affiliates because it returns a little more money to them. It’s a good way to let people know that they can make a decision right there at the point of donation to be even more supportive just by picking up that little fee.” This trend has paid off well for NAMI. They’ve received over $50,000 in processing fees covered by their donors in less than a year.

NAMI has received over $50,000 in processing fees covered by their donors.

Our case study gets into the particulars of NAMI’s program and shows other DonorDrive clients’ success when they've enabled this feature, including the answer to the biggest question: What’s the magic number you need to ask for that gets the most donors to check the box? Download the case study below.