A 5-point strategy to build Fall teams for more event revenue

Peer to Peer Fundraising Best Practices April 18, 2017 By Kevin Wolfe

We did some digging into our clients’ peer-to-peer events in DonorDrive. In events that promote team fundraising, 59% of dollars come through teams. So when organizations focus on recruiting more teams and improving their performance, their event is more likely to grow. We suggest that you recruit now for the upcoming Fall event season to get the most from your fundraisers. Below we’ve listed the five most important elements of a team-building strategy.

5-point strategy to recruit, maintain and grow teams:

  1. Recruit last year’s teams. Thank last year’s captains again and let them know how big an impact they had on your mission. Tell them about any improvements that make this year’s event even better for their team in order to get them excited about your upcoming fall event.
  2. Recruit captains for captainless teams. Notice that a team captain is not returning? Don’t let the team disappear even though their captain is gone. Contact other successful team members to step up and take the reins.
  3. Encourage more corporate teams. Do all your event and programs sponsors have teams? If not, it’s time to get them to put their mouth where their money is and call on employees to start corporate teams. Better yet, have each corporate partner host multiple teams. Competition between teams in the same office or in different cities is a morale builder and helps your sponsors to show their commitment.
  4. Recruit top fundraisers to start a team. Find top fundraisers in your database who were team members or individual participants last year. Then draft them to become a captain of their own team this year.
  5. Push volunteer teams. Reach out to your volunteers and invite them to start a team or join up with other volunteers to fundraise. Even if they can’t run in your run because they’re working the event, they can still be a powerful fundraising force.

The proven key to team success in for DonorDrive clients has been diligence in recruiting captains and then using automatic notifications (based on fundraising activity or inactivity of the captain and their team members) in our Fundraising Motivation Engine® to coach them. Great captains will bring in the team members and the donations so you can focus on other aspects of your event. Since stats show that a team raises 10 times as much as an individual participant, it's easy to see why adding a few more excellent captains can really improve the revenue of your event.