Why peer-to-peer fundraising is the future of Cause Marketing.
Fundraising Campaign Types

Face it: Cause Marketing is becoming as competitive as selling products. A game changer for many companies’ success, Cause Marketing efforts can now outperform their traditional marketing. But, while a company may be successfully at selling a hundred-year-old product, they’re discovering that their Cause Marketing must evolve in order to keep up with their competitor’s Cause Marketing. 

The 7 stages of Cause Marketing engagement.
Peer to Peer Fundraising Best Practices

Many times companies evaluate the metrics of low-level cause engagement with their customers, such as a Facebook “like,” and call that a win. That’s a little like saying your product is a success based on a positive comment about it from focus group. If those positive comments don’t lead to sales numbers, that’s definitely not a win. And (as with your sales) your Cause Marketing has much deeper levels of commitment to your cause than a “like.” 

5 ways to retain a corporate partner.
Nonprofit Management and Leadership
May 20, 2016
By Ed Lord

With organizations focusing on long-term partnerships as opposed to annual or one-time sponsorships, it’s important that you work to retain those sponsors. It’s a given that your organization will deliver on promises to your corporate partner, but there are simple things you can do to ensure that you continue that partnership for years to come.

Spring is DIY season.
Fundraising Campaign Types
May 5, 2016
By Kevin Wolfe

Many organizations are discovering that Spring is a very successful time of the year to encourage supporters to create Do It Yourself peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns. There are two main reasons for this:

Infographic: Who's snatching your DIY dollars?
Fundraising Campaign Types
March 23, 2016
By Kevin Wolfe

If you don't have a DIY program, the answer to that is pretty simple: Everybody. 

Most major nonprofits already have DIY programs in place and the rest are currently adding DIY as a new revenue stream. So why is 2016 quickly becoming the Year of DIY? It's that organizations are seeing big benefits and almost no downside. A DIY program requires many less staff hours than a new event would and each campaign yields more than...

Helping your participants overcome fundraising inertia.
Fundraiser Profiles
March 16, 2016
By Kevin Wolfe

It’s easier to get successful participants to raise more than it is to get zero-dollar fundraisers to raise a penny. We all know that from experience. But there’s good reason to focus on your less successful fundraisers too. Many of these participants will become a value to your organization once they overcome their...

Why we do what we do.
March 10, 2016
By Kevin Wolfe

Those who work at nonprofits are forever in an uphill battle to do good. Being overworked and underpaid aside, there are perpetual obstacles in ther way of delivering on your mission. If you ever find yourself feeling a touch discouraged about what you do, read the article below. At Peer-to-Peer Professional Forum ‘16 in Orlando we held a lunchtime contest and asked those who worked for nonprofits to tweet the most compassionate act that happened to their cause this year. We had an amazing flow of entries and thought we’d share. First, congratulations to...