Infographic: The power of Millennial events.
Fundraiser Profiles
August 2, 2016
By Kevin Wolfe

Millennials are credited with being the most passionate generation to date, but still nonprofits struggle with how to harness that passion for their organization. It’s important to remember that the biggest value of Millennials to an organization is in participation, rather than in donations. As Millennials age, they're likely to give more, but right now it’s important to think of them as fundraisers for your organization rather than donors.

New eBook: How to Choose a Corporate Partner: for Nonprofits.
Nonprofit Management and Leadership
July 15, 2016
By Kevin Wolfe

The game has definitely changed. The most successful nonprofits have looked beyond basic sponsorship and are forming long-term partnerships with corporations. Ed Lord’s new eBook How to Choose a Corporate Partner:  for Nonprofits is a complete guide to finding, qualifying and partnering with the best choice in corporations for a lasting relationship. Here are key findings from the eBook:

The value of community in peer-to-peer fundraising.
Nonprofit Marketing
July 11, 2016
By Ed Lord

Social media is accused of driving society apart. But those who see things that way tend to be people clinging to old ways and failing to see the ways that social media is bringing us all closer together. The reality is that social media can create a new, more intimate sense of community. Every one of us has connected with a long-lost friend or relative on Facebook. People who have moved across the country or to the other side of world keep those at home constantly updated on their life via Twitter. And online groups connect people with similar interests across the globe.

There's a collection of great content for nonprofits in the new DonorDrive Library
DonorDrive News
June 28, 2016
By Kevin Wolfe

At DonorDrive we regularly publish eBooks, white papers and infographics with excellent thought leadership pieces, powerful best practices advice and meaningful peer-to-peer statistics we've pull from hundreds of thousand of donors and participants and hundreds of millions of dollars donated in DonorDrive annually.

Americans give a billion dollars a day to help others.
Nonprofit Industry News
June 22, 2016
By Kevin Wolfe

This fascinating stat is from the just-released, 61st annual Giving USA 2016 Report. As a member of the Giving Institute, we at DonorDrive delighted to see this year’s report again bring news that giving is up across America. A quick breakdown shows that:

So...are you ready for your Fall events?
Peer to Peer Event Planning
June 16, 2016
By Kevin Wolfe

Spring events have wound down and many of our DonorDrive clients have been recruiting for their Fall events. Even though you haven’t had time to catch your breath, now is the time to seriously prep for Fall. Here’s a useful checklist of things we’re seeing our clients get the jump on:

Who are the Cause Marketing stakeholders?
Fundraising Campaign Types
June 6, 2016
By Kevin Wolfe

At the dawn of Cause Marketing in the mid ’70s, the plan was to use the cause to help attract customers. As a matter of fact, the very first Cause Marketing campaign was to drive admissions to Marriott’s new Great America amusement park with March of Dimes as beneficiary. In the 40 years since, companies have realized that their cause can draw in a substantially larger audience than just customers. It’s expanded to any stakeholder that has an interest in the company. You’ll find all the following groups can become involved with a company’s cause: