What defines a compassionate act?
Nonprofit Spotlight
November 2, 2016
By Kevin Wolfe

On November 1st at the Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Canada Conference, we sponsored a lunchtime contest and asked attendees to tweet the most compassionate act from their nonprofit this year. We thought we'd share a few of the great stories, all centered around the work that their supporters did for the cause.

When it came to compassion, some supporters gave their time and energy:

Partnering your nonprofit with a startup.
Nonprofit Management and Leadership
October 25, 2016
By Ed Lord

In the quest to better engage with Millennials, organizations often miss the obvious and fertile opportunity to partner with a startup as part of their Cause Marketing efforts. These unproven businesses can be ideal candidates based on the funding they can offer, their enthusiasm for the cause and the awareness they can generate for your organization. And if they become a success, these merits can multiply. Here are some of the key benefits of joining forces with a startup:

Infographic: Habits of highly-motivated fundraisers.
Fundraiser Profiles
October 19, 2016
By Kevin Wolfe

We often try to slice and dice event numbers in a myriad of complex ways to determine what makes our fundraisers successful. Some organizations examine the tiniest of details, but maybe we’ve been overthinking how we identify success. We took a step back for this infographic and did a simple split in our data from DonorDrive events, identifying those raising better than average and those raising less.

6 tips for landing the cause consumer.
Fundraiser Profiles
September 19, 2016
By Ed Lord

It’s easy to think that Cause Marketing appeals to a consumer with a different sensibility within a brand’s customer base. There’s been an assumption for years that current customers get gratification out of doing business with an ethical company and will continue doing business with them for that reason. But have we ever examined whether our traditional marketing and Cause Marketing may be appealing to two entirely different customers? An indication of this came from a Nielsen survey that shows that...

How to boost revenue for #GivingTuesday.
Fundraising Campaign Types
September 13, 2016
By Kevin Wolfe

Last year 700,000 donors took part in #GivingTuesday and raised $117 million. This international day of giving continues to grow quickly, with 150% more raised in 2015 over 2014. More big growth is predicted in 2016 and we're at the point that supporters are expecting all organizations will be offering #GivingTuesday opportunities for them to donate and fundraise.

Infographic: Social fundraising is alive and well in 2016. And growing.
Nonprofit Marketing
August 30, 2016
By Kevin Wolfe

Numerous reports have come out recently criticizing social media for a lackluster fundraising performance. And it’s true: If your organization is making the ask over your well-liked social media channels you may be surprised at the lack of response. That’s because social media is a tool best used by supporters, not organizations. What really gets the donations pouring in is when your participants share the story of why they’re involved in your event and ask their friends and family to give.

Rewarding the behavior that improves fundraising.
Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Best Practices
August 23, 2016
By Kevin Wolfe

 As more and more organizations find themselves trying new strategies to improve event revenue, we’re seeing many of our DonorDrive clients having great success by rewarding participant behavior that leads to better fundraising among a majority of their supporters. Here’s what we’re hearing is working well: