The secrets of marketing your organization
Nonprofit Marketing
June 1, 2017
By Kevin Wolfe

Marketing your organization has never been more important. There are new nonprofits popping up every day competing for your donor dollar, so it’s important that your organization’s message is heard above the crowd. From the pages of our latest eBook, Marketing Your Nonprofit on Zero Budget, we’ve complied a list of the eight most important things to do in marketing your organization:

Beyond sponsorship: A better approach to corporate funding for nonprofits.
Nonprofit Management and Leadership
May 18, 2017
By Ed Lord

When an organization lands a meeting with a potential corporate sponsor, they often throw that opportunity away. Here’s what I mean: If you walk into a company and sheepishly ask them to sponsor your walk, there's a good chance you’ll be told that they already sponsor a walk. Meeting over.

Though you're asking for a large donation in the form of a sponsorship, you're actually thinking very small when you consider all the dollars a company has available. In the example above, it's obvious that the organization walked away with no money, but worse: they

The best recruiting strategy for your next event
Peer to Peer Event Planning
May 12, 2017
By Kevin Wolfe, Michelle Steed, Ed Lord

We talked to DonorDrive’s Ed Lord and Michelle Steed about their years of experience in recruiting for events. And while we’d like to say there’s an easy solution for your recruitment problem, we can’t. As Michelle says: “I don’t want to understate just how hard it is to recruit. There’s no magic bullet for it.” That’s why in this article we’re not presenting you with a quick list of easy tips to solve your recruitment issues. This requires a much deeper conversation and a more complex strategy.

How nonprofits are reaching Millennials through Google AdWords
Nonprofit Marketing
May 5, 2017
By Kevin Wolfe

Ever noticed those little unobtrusive text ads at the top of results when you google something? These are Google AdWords. As an advertising vehicle for your nonprofit, you probably have never thought using search ads, but you certainly should if you’re trying to reach Millennials, the most passionate generation of fundraisers yet. If you’ve been doing your advertising through conventional channels like print, radio and TV, you’re probably not having much success reaching younger generations. That’s because Millennials aren’t on these channels. They’re on Spotify, YouTube and Reddit. And—numerous times a day—they’re also googling. Josh Weum, AdWords Digital Ambassador at Google explains why AdWords are working so well with Millennials when it comes to causes.

Infographic: Fundraising is a team sport
Peer to Peer Fundraising Best Practices
April 26, 2017
By Kevin Wolfe

For events that rely on peer-to-peer fundraising, teams have become the backbone. It’s easy to see why: 100 teams can bring you as much revenue as 1,000 individual participants. A team raises 10 times the dollars an individual participant raises.

For our latest infographic we dug deep into the numbers to see why teams are playing such a vital role in events and why making your event team-centric is a sound strategy for growth. In our data sample* of DonorDrive client events that made teams part of their fundraising, we discovered that more than half of the event revenue was generated by teams.

A 5-point strategy to build Fall teams for more event revenue
Peer to Peer Fundraising Best Practices
April 18, 2017
By Kevin Wolfe

We did some digging into our clients’ peer-to-peer events in DonorDrive. In events that promote team fundraising, 59% of dollars come through teams. So when organizations focus on recruiting more teams and improving their performance, their event is more likely to grow. We suggest that you recruit now for the upcoming Fall event season to get the most from your fundraisers. Below we’ve listed the five most important elements of a team-building strategy.

DonorDrive streamlines mobile giving
DonorDrive News
April 10, 2017
By Kevin Wolfe

Over the last 10 years, DonorDrive has focused on making online fundraising dramatically easier. We’ve been at the forefront of moving online donating away from the typing of card numbers and endless billing information that was once required in desktop donations. What we’ve moved it to is this: One-click giving by smartphone. This shift means more donations and more dollars for our nonprofit clients.