Webinar: 12 Ways to Motivate your Zero-Dollar Fundraisers
Fundraiser Profiles
June 8, 2017
By Kevin Wolfe

Many of today’s peer-to-peer events struggle with recruiting large numbers of participants who are enthusiastic about the event, but fail to actually fundraise a cent for the organization. You’d think that after decades of facing this problem someone would one would have come up with a proven plan to motivate zero-dollar fundraisers. Now we have.

At DonorDrive, every day is #TakeYourDogToWorkDay
June 23, 2017
By Kevin Wolfe

Today marks the 18th Annual Take your Dog to Work Day. Across the US, Canada, the UK, New Zealand and Australia, hundreds of thousands of dogs are visiting their humans’ workplace this Friday. We hope your office is one of the many that supports this day.
Part of our business culture at DonorDrive is welcoming staff to bring their dogs to work every day. Since almost half of US households have a dog, we feel it makes sense to welcome canines into our workplace.

Giving USA 2017: Giving continues to grow
June 16, 2017
By Kevin Wolfe

This year, more eyes than ever are on the Giving USA 2017 Report. There probably hasn’t been a time in the report’s 62-year history that those of us in the nonprofit space haven’t been more concerned about what the future holds. The good news is that giving continues its upward trend. Todd Levy, CEO of Global Cloud (makers of DonorDrive) and a member of the Giving Institute Board of Directors, explains why this year’s report is regarded as so important: “Though giving is up for the third year in a row, the how and why is what’s noteworthy.” Here are some of the telltale statistics:

Build your marketing budget with no mission dollars
Nonprofit Marketing
May 24, 2017
By Kevin Wolfe

Marketing your organization today has never been more important, but nonprofit marketing budgets have never been tighter. The problem is that the free options to get your message out there, including traditional media and social channels, are quickly drying up. At the same time, more and more organizations are marketing savvy, so the competition for your cause has never been greater. In order to get your message seen, you need to build a budget and become one of those organizations that’s doing effective marketing.

The secrets of marketing your organization
Nonprofit Marketing
June 1, 2017
By Kevin Wolfe

Marketing your organization has never been more important. There are new nonprofits popping up every day competing for your donor dollar, so it’s important that your organization’s message is heard above the crowd. From the pages of our latest eBook, Marketing Your Nonprofit on Zero Budget, we’ve complied a list of the eight most important things to do in marketing your organization:

Beyond sponsorship: A better approach to corporate funding for nonprofits.
Nonprofit Management and Leadership
May 18, 2017
By Ed Lord

When an organization lands a meeting with a potential corporate sponsor, they often throw that opportunity away. Here’s what I mean: If you walk into a company and sheepishly ask them to sponsor your walk, there's a good chance you’ll be told that they already sponsor a walk. Meeting over.

Though you're asking for a large donation in the form of a sponsorship, you're actually thinking very small when you consider all the dollars a company has available. In the example above, it's obvious that the organization walked away with no money, but worse: they

The best recruiting strategy for your next event
Peer-to-Peer Event Planning
May 12, 2017
By Kevin Wolfe, Michelle Steed, Ed Lord

We talked to DonorDrive’s Ed Lord and Michelle Steed about their years of experience in recruiting for events. And while we’d like to say there’s an easy solution for your recruitment problem, we can’t. As Michelle says: “I don’t want to understate just how hard it is to recruit. There’s no magic bullet for it.” That’s why in this article we’re not presenting you with a quick list of easy tips to solve your recruitment issues. This requires a much deeper conversation and a more complex strategy.