7 ways DIY can evolve your fundraising

Fundraising Campaign Types September 21, 2017 By Kevin Wolfe

As Do-It-Yourself fundraising continues to grow and evolve, it’s important to remember that the strong benefits of a DIY program haven’t changed since its inception. DonorDrive clients who use our Personal Campaigns to collectively raise millions of dollars online are seeing  the same benefits they did when we introduced the program in 2009.

The benefits of DIY:

  1. Engages new participants
    Many people may not be able to attend a fundraising event, but would love the opportunity to contribute in their own way. A survey of DIY participants shows that for many, their Personal Campaign was their first contact with the cause.
  2. Introduces new donors
    Donors to DIY may be new to the cause as well. This is an easy way to build your database and cultivate donors who were brought to you through a personal connection.
  3. Increases geographical reach
    DIY has no geographic limitations. Potential supporters in a small market can engage your nonprofit, even if your organization can’t justify an office there.
  4. Identifies potential major donors
    When an individual organizes their own Personal Campaign, they may have contacts who give large donations. Your organization can work with this fundraiser to build a stronger, longer-lasting fundraising relationship with them.
  5. Engages with minimal costs and better efficiency
    Whether DIY is the supporter-initiated, anything-goes variety or organization-guided DIY, these programs require less hours to maintain than adding additional events. Once set up in your software, DIY campaigns are significantly more cost-effective than traditional fundraising programs.
  6. Brings in funds during the off season
    Between your signature events, you can encourage supporters to create third-party campaigns to balance out your fundraising year ’round. We’ve seen that spring is a great season to encourage DIY with weddings and graduations being so common, but when you push DIY campaigns at times you don’t have events, you can boost revenue during those lean months.
  7. Adds flexibility to your fundraising
    Nonprofits no longer have to say “no” to supporters who want to create their own events because their signature fundraising software is just not set up to do anything else. DIY now lets you accommodate supporters with their requests to create their own events and keeps all the dollars, data and donors under your own roof. 

With so many nonprofits today looking for ways to increase giving without having to add additional staff hours, DIY is a logical answer.