Your donors have gone mobile.

Since 2012 purchases by mobile are up an amazing 327%. During the same time period mobile donations for DonorDrive clients are up over 942%. It's proof that your donors want to give by mobile.


The mobile dollar grew ten fold.

For every dollar given by mobile in 2012, $10.42 is being given this year.

Desktop donations are only 28% bigger than mobile.

For every dollar a mobile donor gives today, a desktop donor only gives $1.28.

Who's giving by phone?‚Äč

56.5% of mobile dollars are given by males.

New visits are mostly mobile.

60% of first visits to fundraising pages are now via mobile.

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  •  Desktop

Phablet dollars have grown 5x this year.

For every dollar given by phablet in 2014, $5.03 is being given by phablet this year.

Mobile giving is quickly becoming the norm.

It's clear that mobile's prominence will only escalate. As example, Google recently started favoring mobile-friendly responsive webpages in search over standard pages. So if your fundraising pages aren't mobile friendly by Google standards, expect that they'll drop in search results.

It's a mobile world now—in case you didn't get the call.