The must-dos for nonprofits at Dreamforce 2016.

Blog September 27, 2016 By Kevin Wolfe

Dreamforce 2016 has sold out this year. That’s an amazing feat for a conference with 150,000 tickets. With hundreds of speakers and over 2,000 sessions, getting the most of Dreamforce can be daunting, especially for nonprofits. So we’ll help steer you through.

Make The Zone your home.

The Zone is the epicenter of Dreamforce for nonprofits. The Lodge is open all day every day throughout Dreamforce. If you have questions about the conference, we’re there to help. The DonorDrive booth is 6A in the Lodge and we’re open Tuesday thru Thursday 8a to 6p and Friday from 8a to 2p. We’d love to meet and talk peer-to-peer fundraising and Salesforce integration, so drop by anytime.

Also plan on being at The Zone Reception in the Lodge on Thursday from 4:30p to 6p. This will be your best opportunity to network with other nonprofits using Salesforce.

The key sessions.

With 2,000 sessions it’s difficult to decide which to go to, but here are the biggies for nonprofits:

  • Melinda Gates’ Fireside Chat Wednesday at 5p
  • Day of Compassion Keynote Friday from 10a to 1p

There are also 89 breakout sessions just for nonprofits. Choose carefully on Wednesday and Thursday, since these days are crowded with 30 and 36 nonprofit sessions respectively and many that overlap.

The benefit concert.

The UCSF Children’s Hospitals Benefit is Wednesday at 7pm and gives you a chance to have a little fun while doing some good. It’s highlighted by U2 in concert . There’s also an afterparty with MC Hammer and And if you want to do some hands on service while at Dreamforce, there are plenty of #DFGives opportunities daily where you can help out.

The Engagement Party.

There are hundreds of parties at Dreamforce. The Engagement Party, an annual event, has proven itself to be the big party for nonprofits. It’s hosted by Idealist Consulting and co-sponsored by DonorDrive. This year’s theme is Connect, Engage, Pay it Forward. It happens Thursday night at 8p at the Monarch club and you’ll need to reserve your pass
Having numerous clients connecting DonorDrive to Salesforce, including MS Ltd., MADD and the National Kidney Foundation, we’re delighted to see the growing emphasis that Salesforce has put on the nonprofit sector. If you’re headed to Dreamforce, make sure you stop by the DonorDrive booth to say hi. If you’d like to set up some time for a one-on-one talk with CEO Todd Levy or Chief Innovations Officer Paul Ghiz, email Senior Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Strategist Emily Smith, or ask her at the booth.

Hope to see you there.